Polly Wally

I have a Serious Confession to make.

There’s a video that’s been around for awhile called Polly Wally1.

After several years, I finally managed to watch it all the way through. No, not because it’s bad. Quite the reverse. It’s so very good that I’d cringe like I was watching Fawlty Towers and have to turn it off, because I’d have the wincing heebie jeebies.

As with any humor, there’s an exaggeration, but God! It’s just Too Real sometimes — too close to things I’ve watched and experienced2.  The instant switch of hierarchies has got to be the funniest to me.

Of course, this comment could be used as ammunition that Poly Sucks and that if we’d just be good little monogamous people and Be Responsible, then all our relationship troubles would go away, right?


<grin> If humor is anything to go on, then monogamous issues outnumber poly ones by an order of magnitude.   Which is the big money genre, Polyamorous Romantic Comedy, or Monogamous Romantic Comedy.

But humor is important to pay attention to, because it’s a fantastic way to get a feel for the issues.  What we snark at, poke fun at and laugh at is where we’re the most tender.  Humor is armor against the pain of our own foolishness.

So when you laugh at something, examine.  It’s a lesson there for you.

1Just a heads up, this probably isn’t worksafe. Use your judgement.
2Yes, I know, you and your circle are Way Too Evolved ever to have experienced anything close to this, you Special Little Snowflake, you. I swear, one of these days I’m gonna start the Goddess of Java Special Little Snowflake Award, I really am!

3 thoughts on “Polly Wally

  1. Geri

    The calendar aspect is the one that has me rolling on the floor in laughter.

    And hell, as far as things that hit close to home, I often get a sense of “Been there!” watching Big Love ;-)

    1. Miinah

      It is very difficult being stuck mono with a poly pneratr.i say stuck because it’s not a choice, it’s due to being male but not being a player in any sense of the word.sure, poly sounds like a lot of fun.i hope i can join in before i break something mental from being the involuntarily mono half of a poly couple.

  2. Alan

    When I first heard about Polly Wally, I avoided looking at it for the longest time because of how awful and horrid I assumed it must be. Then when I finally did, it was funny and a relief. (Though I coulda done without the golden showers sound effects.) It’s a good sign when we’ve matured enough to laugh at ourselves.

    The Fawlty Towers analogy is right on. I so CANNOT watch that show.


    > one of these days I’m gonna start
    > the Goddess of Java Special Little
    > Snowflake Award

    Fact is, every person like every snowflake is indeed a unique individual, and some are outright unusual. It’s when you gotta shovel 2 tons of them from your goddam driveway at 6:30 a.m. that they all might as well be alike. (Take that as grist for a snowflake column someday.)


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