The PolyFamilies Drinking Game

Back about a year ago, when I rejoined the PolyFamilies Community, I was still working in an office and had some slack time. Being bored, I proposed creating a PolyFamilies drinking game based on some common things that happened on the particular list. Some of ‘em are peculiar to the PolyFamilies “subculture”, and some are very much common to Polyamory online discussion groups in general. My apologies for a post that’s insular to one small group, but they begged and pleaded. With tears even. Honest.

So, I’m formally declaring this iteration to be the Official Rules for the PolyFamilies Drinking Game. (And if there’s no more Misanthrope columns, it’s because they filleted me for my presumption. *grin*)

Take one drink if:

  • Someone falls for the “Is Swinging Poly” debate gambit.
  • Someone starts a pot of Troll Stew[1].
  • Anyone asks how they can change a mate’s feelings about something.
  • Anyone asks how one gets involved in poly relationships.
  • Anyone starts an etymological debate.
  • Anyone asks “how do I tell my spouse about my lover so we can all be poly and happy.”
  • Someone apologizes for being “off-topic”[2].
  • Take a drink if anyone claims to have psychic powers, such as telepathy, empathy, stupokinesis, whatever.
  • Whenever someone gets all defensive about not being treated they way they EXPECTED to be treated (for example: “I thought I’d get a little support at least!”) — take a drink!
  • Anytime someone asks for a commitment ceremony.
  • Anyone who has been dating three weeks, lives on opposite sides of the country and use spousal titles for each other
  • Any time someone mentions Heinlein.

Take Two Drinks if:

  • Anyone posts looking for a nice female third who doesn’t mind helping
    with the kids and likes three-ways.
  • Anyone declares themselves in love with The Monkey for something clever he said.
  • Every time Ron or Franklin and Kit disagree.
  • Every time someone thinks that Stranger in a Strange Land would work outside of fiction.

Take Three Drinks if:

  • Someone tries to explain to the List at Large the Real Intention of the List is to Love Each Other.
  • If anyone person unsubscribes in a huff because they did not get the response they wanted.

[1] Troll Stew is a metaphor the smackdown trolls often get on the list.[2] PolyFamilies doesn’t really have a strict topic.

8 thoughts on “The PolyFamilies Drinking Game

  1. Anita

    Then the polyfamilies crowd must be one massively inebriated bunch of folks. Beautiful. And the game could apply to just about any group of poly people.

  2. Airen Wolf

    Now we have a evil blueprint for getting the group soused…wheeeeee!
    It was comforting to note that when I stumbled into the polyfamilies list I only committed a few social blunders….go me!

  3. Edward Martin III

    Heh — it’s a combination of leaving in a huff all dramatically, with not ACTUALLY leaving that’s funny as hell.

    I’ve known people to do that — they do a Squeal-and-Peel, but they don’t have sufficient skill to actually complete the “Peel” part, or they hang around anyway and respond to the various forms of “Ciao, troublemaker!”


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