Daily Archives: October 9, 2008

Bread Upon Waters

We complain all the time about the Internet driving us apart, making us more distant from each other.  We talk about Internet friendships not being so “real”.

I want to tell you about a friendship that I have.  It’s totally online. I’ve never met this person in real life at all. But when I was suffering a mental breakdown, she was there with kindness, wisdom and the occasional joke to lift my spirits.  When my family fell apart, she generous in explaining how she has dealt with emotional and relationship problems and how she learned to craft her life.  Even if it has been a textual friendship, an LJ friendship, I treasure it.  I’m here to say, roadnotesroadnotes, you rock and I am grateful for your generosity.  Through roadnotesroadnotes, I friended her partner baldandersbaldanders.  Through his posts I’ve learned a great deal about music, politics and the arts in general.  He’s Good People and quite worthy of such a cool woman.

baldandersbaldanders has had a stroke and is still in the hospital.  He is self-employed and has no insurance, so not only is there the catastrophic issue of his health, there is the financial issue of his care.

I’d like to call upon anyone whose life has been touched by someone online to give a little something if you can in honor of that to baldandersbaldanders and roadnotesroadnotes.  It’s amazing how tiny bits can add up, and they really do need a lot of help right now.  You can click on this link  to donate something.  Even a little bit counts.

If you haven’t anything (and I know times are rough), good thoughts and prayers are always welcome.

Thanks guys.