Daily Archives: March 27, 2012

Space Shuttle Polyamory

This damn blog has been too serious lately. There are times when I think we poly writers, in concern for the poly community and its issues might be giving an inaccurate impression.

You see how it’s work. You see all the skills you need to learn. You see how we caution you that we all have our jealousies, insecurities and our issues.

It’s not that this isn’t true. It is, but goodness me, it’s like the heat tiles on the Space Shuttle. You’re screwed without ‘em, yeah. But they’re not the sum total of the mission. The point of the Shuttle was to get people into space and safely home.

The point of polyamory is to enjoy. Not just sexy rumpus, though I hope you’re enjoying as much of that as you want to be. Friends, relationships are fun and satisfying in general. These are your peeps – people to make a movie with, build siege engines with, have interesting debates with, laugh with, share joy with.

So yeah, you do need to do maintenance on the heat tiles. But don’t stay on the launch pad doing after your systems check, people. Fly.